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Hi! My name is Star, founder and CEO of The Psychic Stars and Star Entertainment. As a psychic intuitive and tarot card reader, I offer private and group readings as well as a party psychic and entertainer.

My Story

Hi! It is so nice to have you here!


I'm Star. I have an approachable, real-life approach to helping others. I am known to be easy to talk to, be punchy at times, and I have a big personality. I lead with compassion, and optimism, and most of all I like to have fun. 

What you will soon find out about me is that I consider myself to be a normal human being. I am not your typical psychic medium - I am your neighbor, the person that you run into at the grocery store or the lady that you stand in line next to at the post office. I live by the beat of my own drum, and I prefer honesty and open communication.

My career did not start in the metaphysical world. In fact, I spent much of my professional life as an executive recruiter and headhunter in Canada. I experienced a life-changing accident where I had to slow down, lean into my new reality, and listen to my body and mind- it was then that my hidden psychic intuitive abilities really started to show themselves in my life and in the lives of others. 

Now, years later - I am thankful for all the life experiences I have had up until this point because I can use my abilities for the positive benefit of others. I currently live in the Seattle area, and I am growing my business in the psychic and party services industries. I have met, and I work with many talented individuals, that are excited for the next gig - we are a traveling band of mystics. 


Take a look around, I am open to customizing my services based on your needs and I look forward to working with you! 



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